From $600,000 Subsidy to a $1 million turn around in Professional Revenue

St. Joseph Regional Medical Center (Lewiston, ID) sought help in turning around its emergency department which was struggling in patient satisfaction, throughput, and revenue. Healthsource took over the management of the ED professional services in January 2015 and partnered with the emergency department group. Together they created the following change by establishing a Medical Directorship and integrated the HealthSource Joint Operating Committee (JOC) for ongoing management and improvement of:

  1. Operational performance
  2. Clinical Integration
  3. Fiscal Health
  4. Regulatory Compliance
  5. Overall Patient Experience

The results of those changes are as follows:

  • 29,000 census in calendar year 2014; trending to over 33,000 visits for 2015 = 13% increase in volume
  • Significant improvement in patient throughout, time to be seen, time to admission, and overall patient satisfaction via a re-design of patient flow and restructuring of the fast-track experience for an overall improved patient experience
  • Financially, HealthSource took a heavily subsidized group (costing the hospital $600,000 per annum), eliminated the subsidy needed from the facility and turned a generous profit for our physician partners so far in 2015. In essence, this has been in excess of a $1 million turn around in professional revenue due exclusively to HealthSource management and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) efforts.

ACA and Healthsource have partnered to provide your hospital a team of experienced medical directors and management team to address your needs.

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