Emergency Departments

emergency-departments Acute Care Associates has partnered with Healthsource to provide your hospital with board certified physician groups that are sustainable and focused on hospital-wide Clinical Integration. The HealthSource<>ACA (Acute Care Associates) partnership delivers exceptional board certified Emergency Medicine specialists and practice management leaders to the facilities of the greater Houston and Texas market. ACA represents a dedicated and local team of top EM specialists to meet the needs of your community’s patients, as well as an exceptional team of Medical Directors and leaders to run your departments, and lead your Clinical Integration efforts hospital-wide.

The HealthSource<>ACA model focuses on transparency as we begin our engagements with departmental audits and pro forma that are shared with the hospital administration and physicians we partner with. Together we choose a professional service and clinical integration model that best suits the needs of all. HealthSource physician leaders help to foster and deliver clinical integration and provider engagement through our mandatory Joint Operating Committee (JOC). Sustainable local practices are led by experienced physician leaders that are invested in the common goal of clinical integration throughout the continuum of patient care.

Our mission is “To deliver the highest quality of clinical care, integration and customer service to the communities that we serve…”