Improving The Quality and Delivery of Patient Care

Acute Care Associates is a Management Services Organization that develops, staffs, and manages community-based Emergency Departments and Hospitalist Groups . Our focus is on improving the quality and delivery of patient care, while delivering on the promise of increased hospital-wide throughput and improved financial performance. We do this by concentrating on facility operational improvement, regulatory compliance, fiscal performance/revenue cycle management, patient satisfaction, risk management, vendor selection and EMR implementation/optimization.

As a group, we will deliver a true open book partnership with transparency to both our physicians and the Hospital leadership team, and our agreements ensure accountability for all. We begin by visiting your facility and getting to know your community, leadership team and your specific needs.

Our goal is to build a local practice of top Emergency Medicine providers and Hospitalists, starting with an experienced Medical Directors living in your community. We turn physicians into owners of local ER and Hospitalist contracts with a focus on open books, democratic principles, and true physician ownership.

The role of management companies should be to help physicians manage their practice. The practice should be owned by and controlled by its physicians and not by a management company. This model allows for physician retention, improved metrics, and most importantly the delivery of high quality care.